Q: How can the prices of diamond wheels with the same specification vary so much?

A: For diamond wheels, diamond powder is a key component for grinding. With the different levels & quality of diamond powder, its cost can be very different. That’s the reason why for diamond wheels with the same specification, the price can be so different.


Q: To get high-quality glass edge grinding, must high-quality & expensive wheels be used?

A: Not exactly. To grind glass fast and get a satisfactory result, three factors are very important: high-quality wheels, good condition machines, and an experienced operator.


Q: When choosing wheels, is it better to buy expensive ones or cheap ones?

A: Those that are most suitable are the best. The best way is to analyze the character of the glass you are processing, then choose the most suitable one. For instance, for furniture glass or electronic glass, its requirement on the glass edge grinding is very high, so you must choose high quality wheels. For architectural glass, its requirement on the glass edge grinding is not so high, and normal wheels will do.


Q: Can cheap wheels lower the production cost?

A: Of course not. With cheap wheels, the diamond powder quality is much lower, cutting & grinding ability is far poorer, the life is shorter when grinding glass, and the machines cannot run very quickly. With more grinding, the glass is broken more easily. You will actually find that cheap wheels cost more compared with high-quality ones, as it cannot drop the production cost; on the contrary, the cost increases because more glass is broken, with more finished glass not qualified.