Electroplated drill is one of the glass tools ,which widely used for drilling holes on the glass during glass processing.

Electroplated drill by using electroplating technology, adhere diamond powders to the metal body for drilling glass. So the quality of the electroplated drilling bits depends on two factors. One is the diamond powder quality, if the diamond quality is good, the drilling bit is sharp. The other factor is the electroplating technology, if the electroplating technology is perfect, the adhesion strength is strong, the life of the drilling bits will be long. So good quality electroplated drill price higher, and at lest can drill around 150 holes on glass.

Electroplated drill can be used on manual drilling machine or electrical hand drilling machine. Compared with sintered diamond drilling bits, it’s easy to use, suitable for drilling larger size holes on glass or those holes which requirement not so high.

Sizes from 5mm to 120mm.