Sharpmax Glass Tools Co., Ltd. established in 2009, is a leading glass tools supplier in Southwest China. Welcome to our friends all over the world.  Sharpmax Glass Tools Co., Ltd. will build a good win-win business relationship with you.

Sharpmax focuses on manufacturing & providing: glass grinding wheels, glass tools, machine fittings & power tools for glass deep processing.  Supported by powerful technology and engineers with rich experience, we provide customer products with stable quality, competitive pricing, and fast delivery.

Sharpmax is your powerful & professional choice for glass deep processing!

We offer below products:

Wheels series :

Diamond wheels,

Resin wheels,

Polishing wheels(10S wheels,CE3,X5000,X3000,spiral felt,Low -E removing wheel,BD wheel,BK wheel),

Imported wheels(imported BK,imported AO,imported 10S)

Tools& Fittings series:

Drilling & Milling(straight shank drills,cone shank drills,core drills,milling routers,countersink bits diamond grinding bits,electroplated drills,electroplated countersink bits,)

Cutting tools(Rulers,T cutter, circle cutter,glass cutter,glass pliers,oval cutter,cutting disc,grinding pad)

Suction & carring tools(suction cups,pinch grab,hand pinch grab,space cork,

UV lamp&UV glue(UV lamp, UV glue,Tin side detector,)

Labour protection(gloves,wrist protection, protection clothes)

Machine fittings(aluminum parts,water pipe,timing belts,brushes,Motor,water pump,conveyor chain,waterproof cover for machines,sucker for shape edging machines,front pad,rear pad for machines,polishing powder

Power tools:

Low-E coat removing hand machine

P neumatic Low-E coat removing hand machine

Low-E removing table machine

Glass scrath repair sets

Hand polishing machine

Drilling machine

Multifuction grinding & polishing machine

Hiefficient grinding&polishing machine

Cutting machine

Rechargable imported glass cutting machine

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